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Tickets to London's Breaking Bad Pop-Up RV Bar Sold Out in Three Days [Updated]

It opens July 24.

Courtesy of ABQ

Tickets to the first two months of ABQ — the Breaking Bad-themed pop-up cocktail bar setting up shop in London this summer — sold out in just three days. According to a press release, the company behind the pop-up received over 26,000 applications for tickets in two weeks. The bar, which officially opens July 24, is slated to run for only three months. However, because it is so popular, the organizers say they may consider extending its stay. They will release tickets to the third month "sometime this week."

Named after the popular TV show's setting in Albuquerque, ABQ is housed inside a converted RV. Attendees will be given the chance to "cook" their own cocktails. Organizers say the bar will be armed with smoke, gas masks, and items that are at home in a chemistry lab. Each two-hour reservation session has room for about 20 drinkers at a time and costs just under $50 per person.

London is no stranger to pop-ups based on popular television shows. In February, HBO hosted an official Game of Thrones pop-up in the city called All Men Must Dine. There, guests were served an "one-of-kind epic banquet," featuring dishes like poached veal tongue with beetroot and horseradish.

Update, 07/26, 12:24 p.m.: The International Business Times offers a look inside London's Breaking Bad pop-up. The video features organizers dress up in yellow jump suits while attendees mess around in the RV chemistry lab. Check it out below: