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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Inventor of legendary hairstyles, actress, and ambassador of water Jennifer Aniston is in the process of writing a cookbook. There are few details, but in an interview with Yahoo Beauty, Aniston revealed that she is currently "working on" one. She hints that it will probably be about healthy eating. When asked what new projects she would like to launch, Aniston responded: "I would like to do a lifestyle thing, for people who struggle with dieting. I could just make anything for a diet taste delicious."

Aniston is a strong believer in her cooking skills. "I'm a good alchemist," she told Yahoo Beauty. "I can mix things together that are all very healthy, but you don't feel like you're depriving yourself in any way." Perhaps the cookbook will feature cocktail recipes too. Aniston divulged that she loves a margarita made from Don Julio 1942, lime juice, and "a squinch of Cointreau."

Aniston is the latest famous/beautiful person to announce that they are writing a cookbook or entering the lifestyle space. Fellow Brad Pitt-ex Gwyneth Paltrow has dominated the category for years: She has published multiple cookbooks and has started a whole lifestyle company called Goop. (Paltrow recently announced that she is launching a health food line, too.) Last November, model Chrissy Teigen landed a cookbook deal with Clarkson Potter, and just months before that Cheesecake Factory lover Blake Lively launched a lifestyle site called Preserve that hawks $40 artisan salts.