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Chipotle Will Give All of Its Employees Tuition Reimbursement, Paid Vacation Days

All employees will receive paid sick days, too.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Chipotle's hourly workers are about to get a serious boost in benefits. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the burrito chain is expanding the benefits that were previously only given to salaried workers to all employees. Starting July 1, every Chipotle worker will receive full tuition reimbursements, sick pay, and paid vacation days.

William Espey, a member of Chipotle's Marketing division, says that the company strives to keep "turnover at a minimum." He notes that that to keep entry-level workers incentivized you have to "promise them a future." Espey adds, "Our platform is built around opportunity. We open a new restaurant every two days. Last year, we promoted 10,000 employees at the restaurant level into management positions." Chipotle says that about 95 percent of the chain's managers are employees that were promoted from within the company.

Chipotle isn't the only large restaurant chain to offer full and part-time workers a number of benefits. Starbucks announced an online partnership with Arizona State University last summer to give employees free tuition. However, part-time employees were only given partial tuition coverage. In April, Starbucks increased its offer, giving part-time employees, as well full-time employees full tuition reimbursement. McDonald's also announced in April that it would expand its college tuition assistance program to all workers at its U.S. stores. Unfortunately, the tuition assistance is quite low and can only cover a class or two at a community college.

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