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KFC Employee Set a Bunch of Trees on Fire After He Thought He Got Fired

He later pushed his manager and stole items from her car.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One KFC employee took the idea of "going down in flames," to new heights this week. According to UpNorthLive, a 28-year-old employee of a KFC in Traverse City, Mich. is now facing changes for setting trees on fire after he thought he had been fired from his job. Police say the disgruntled unnamed employee was asked to leave the restaurant shortly after arriving to work on Wednesday. The manager claims that she asked him to leave over "employee related issues and for causing a disturbance, but that she never fired him.

However, he believed had lost his job. The disgruntled employee left and "set fire to several trees behind the restaurant," (wouldn't that be your first reaction too?) before walking away.  Burning down trees wasn't enough for the employee though. In a gusty move, he returned to the KFC about two hours later to push the manager and then steal some items from her car. He was later arrested on charges of arson, breaking and entering into a vehicle, and assault and has most likely been fired, for real this time.

KFC has had its fair share of employees who make regrettable decisions. In 2013, the chain had to fire a staff member who worked at a location in Tennessee for a picture she posted to social media. It showed the employee licking a tray of mashed potatoes while on the job.