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Fäviken Chef Magnus Nilsson Is Now Selling Hotdogs Out of a Campervan

It's going on tour to places "that seem like fun."


Swedish chef and The Mind of a Chef star Magnus Nilsson — who runs the Michelin-starred Fäviken — has launched a hot dog food truck. While his Fäviken staff are contemplating things like "the color blue in nature" and "Monastery life in Finland" during the restaurant's hiatus, Nilsson is making tube sausages.

So how did Nilsson get into the hot dog business? According an email from Nilsson, he bought a local charcuterie producer that supplied items to his restaurant that was about to go out of business two years ago. As a continuation of the charcuterie project, Nilsson opened a "little hot dog place" in a ski resort called Åre. Called Korvkiosk — which essentially translates to "hot dog kiosk" — the little restaurant has a small kitchen and window towards the street from which they sell hot dogs.

Now, Nilsson has refurbished a 1980s campervan into a second, traveling hot dog kiosk. As to where the hot dog camper will travel to, Nilsson says, "We will tour to various places that seem like fun." Currently, the campervan is in Stockholm.