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While it is easy to spot atypical coffee creations like a blended s'mores-flavored coffee drink on the menu at Starbucks, a coffee classic — the cappuccino — is now much more difficult to find. According to Business Insider, many of the chain's stores in cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle have removed the drink from its menu. Eater also called a number of stores in Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta which confirmed that they no longer have cappuccinos listed on the menu board either. It's a surprising move considering that the cappuccino — which is espresso topped with foamy steamed milk — has been on the menu since 1986.

As to why the drink was removed from the menu, Starbucks tells Business Insider that the "menu boards differed around the world based on what the brand chose to highlight each season in a given location." While the cappuccino is not explicitly listed on the menu, it is still possible to order it.

The Flat White, however, remains on the menu. The drink is similar to the cappuccino but features smaller and more concentrated espresso shots topped with milk steamed to a "micro foam." The chain introduced the drink — which was created in Australia in the 1980s — to its menus this January.

Update 6/4/2015, 3:03 p.m.: A Starbucks spokesperson tells Eater that the cappuccino "will be going back on the menu" when they switch the menu boards later in the year. She explains that Starbucks changes the in-store menu "six to seven times per year to accommodate new menu items." The spokesperson adds that the cappuccino "has been and will always be part of our espresso portfolio."

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