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Is the Next Oreo Flavor Brownie Batter?

The limited-edition flavor was spotted at a trade show in Chicago.

Nabisco continues its quest to turn every dessert on the planet into an Oreo flavor. According to the Impulsive Buy, the next limited-edition cookie is allegedly brownie batter flavored. The Oreos — which surfaced at the recent Sweet & Snacks Expo trade show in Chicago — appear to consist of chocolate cookies with a chocolately brownie batter-flavored creme filling.

There is no word on when brownie batter Oreos will hit store shelves, but until then there's a host of new flavors to snack on. Just this year alone, Nabisco has released red velvetcotton candy, and s'mores Oreos (or s'moreos). People appear to be loving the variety of Oreo flavors. In 2014, the world spent $2.5 billion on the sandwich cookie.