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11 Dishes That Are Proud to Be American

Red, white, and burgers.


America is the land of the free and and the home of the brave, and the daring culinary masterminds that inhabit this country don't ever want anyone to forget it. After all, the US of A is where such stunt food revolutions like the Doritos Locos Taco and the pastry sensation known as the Cronut were birthed. More than anything, American cooks know how to push a food to its limits, stuffing and deep-frying in ways most could never imagine. Below, the 11 dishes that are most definitely proud to be American:

1) The Cherbuble

Courtesy of Charles Phoenix

Courtesy of Charles Phoenix

It's red, white, and blue and features three kinds of pie stuffed within a cake. It's essentially the "Pledge of Allegiance" in dessert form.

2) Deep-Fried Big Mac

this dish was competing in the deep-fried Olympics, it would most definitely nab America a gold medal (or five.)

3) Deep-Fried Burger



If frying the entire burger is not an option, Americans will just fry its components instead, because that's real ingenuity. Best of all, it features grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

4) Carl's Jr. American Thickburger



It's a portable Fourth of July cookout between buns: There's a hot dog, a beef patty, American cheese (duh), and potato chips. All that's missing is some apple pie (or a slice of Cherbuble).

5) Deep-Fried Starbucks

It's like the world dared America to make a Starbucks item unhealthier than a Frappuccino. America wins.

6) Caviar-Topped Twinkie

Who needs blinis and sour cream when you can just eat caviar with a Twinkie? Best of all, it comes pre-stuffed with a cream component. For a $125 a pop, it's capitalism at its finest.

7) Pizza-Topped Pizza



Leave it to America to out pizza-fy pizza.

8) Lucky Charms Cocktail

Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards

Everyone loves a dish that can multitask: This one gives you breakfast and gets you drunk at the same time.

9) Krispy Kreme Hot Dog



Did you really think the land that gave the world doughnut hamburger buns was really going to leave hot dogs — the most popular tube steak stateside — behind?

10) Churro Dog



Pizza-topped pizza isn't the only carb-on-carb creation American entrepreneurs have invented as of late. The Arizona Diamondbacks (a team that plays that popular American pastime, baseball) is serving a Churro Dog, which features a churro stuffed between a hot dog bun and topped with ice cream, at its stadium.

11) Bacon Mac and Cheese Doughnuts



Like America itself, this item is a mix of the salty and the sweet. Plus, is there anything more American than portable gluttony?

12) BONUS: All-Ranch Restaurant

Courtesy of Twisted Ranch

Courtesy of Twisted Ranch

Not technically a dish, but it deserves on a spot on this list.

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