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A 6-year-old's trip to McDonald's was ruined when she found a surprise under her burger bun, and it wasn't the chain's special sauce. According to the Daily Mail, the Richie family stopped by its local Londonderry Mickey D's for a special treat, but the family outing took a turn for the gross when the Richies' young daughter found a human fingernail sitting on top of her Big Mac.

After confirming the object was indeed a human nail, McDonald's staff offered the family a refund for its meal, but the Richies don't plan on stopping there. They've filed an official complaint with the fast food giant and the department of environmental health, which is conducting its own investigation into the matter. The disgusted mom said of the incident, "It just sickens me — it seriously makes me question their hygiene practices." Luckily, nobody was punched in the face over the ordeal.

It's been a rough year for the burger chain that has seen its stocks drop, forcing the company to shutter hundreds of stores. Perhaps McDonald's is too busy working on a restructuring plan, plotting delivery domination in New York, and giving breathalyzers to customers to worry about fingernails inside its sandwiches. After all, there just isn't enough time in the day to create the perfect Snapchat filter and enforce hygiene guidelines.

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