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Would Colonel Sanders Make a Good Senator? Kentuckians Think So

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Luckily for current senator Mitch McConnel, the Colonel won't be running for Senate any time soon.


After several successful decades serving as the official colonel of chicken, Kentuckians feel Colonel Sanders deserves a promotion to United States Senator. The Columbus Suntimes reports that 47 percent of Kentucky residents think the KFC mascot would do a better job in Congress than the state's current senator, Mitch McConnel.

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling determined that while KFC may not be Kentucky's favorite spot for chicken (Chick-Fil-A was voted the best with KFC coming in a close second), there is no doubt that the famous Colonel is beloved throughout the state, earning the love of 71 percent of residents who said they had a positive opinion of the chicken magnate.

Capitalizing on his popularity, KFC is using the iconic figure to revamp its image with millennials. The company's super weird marketing strategy includes a ridiculous video game and a partnership with navigation app Waze that allows users to use the Colonel's voice to give them step-by-step directions. Clearly, McConnel can't compete.