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The 14 Best Lines From Forbes' Profile on Gordon Ramsay's Wealth

He made $60 million last year.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Shouty chef and Ironman enthusiast Gordon Ramsay is also one very wealthy chef. Forbes reveals that he earned $60 million last year (even with all of his legal troubles). Writer Adam Brown profiled Ramsay — who owns 26 restaurants around the world and is currently involved with four television shows — to see just how he manages to earn so much money. Much of his success apparently comes down to "credibility," smart financial chops, and not being afraid to do things his way. Below the 14 best lines:

1. Ramsay on having to send kids home on MasterChef Junior: "I hate that bit."

2. Brown on Ramsay's TV success: "The man... has created a sugary, made-for-TV moment. And another huge payday. If playing against type necessitates that, so be it."

3. Brown on Ramsay's real talent: "Ramsay, 48, is a formidable chef and an engaging television presence. But he's above all a capitalist."

4. Ramsay on his wealth: "I have more money than I'll ever need."

5. Brown on Ramsay's secret to success: "At the root of the Ramsay brand is credibility — important when you're flaying people on TV and serving up a tasting menu of foie gras, lobster ravioli and pigeon that starts at $230."

6. Brown on Ramsay's hustle: "He apprenticed with Europe's best... before becoming, at 26, head chef at a new London restaurant, Aubergine. Even then he was thinking equity — he wrangled a 25% stake and ran up its value by delivering two Michelin stars within three years."

7. Brown on the success of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: "This one nailed three stars, the highest rating Michelin bestows, which allowed him to charge the kind of prices that juice margins as high as 25% on $5 million in revenue."

8. Brown on why Ramsay created Hell's Kitchen: "And, as with his kitchen, rather than work for someone else, he'd do it himself."

9. Brown on Kitchen Nightmares: "Kitchen Nightmares debuted two years later, with Ramsay parachuting into failing restaurants in profanity-laced attempts to save them."

10. Brown on how different parts of Ramsay's empire work together: "Despite the setbacks, Ramsay's restaurants have rebounded, thanks to a better economy — and the endless marketing furnished by his television shows."

11. Brown on how much Ramsay might make per episode of television: "As the only thing Fox's non-scripted slate has going for it, Ramsay can generate a big payday: more than $400,000 an episode (he won't comment on the figure, which is at least 15 times what a Food Network star can expect)."

12. Brown on what Ramsay hopes to do soon: "He wants to create a scripted show next, perhaps dramatizing the kitchen the way Entourage glorified the talent agency office."

13. Brown on Ramsay's restaurant empire: "And even after closing nine restaurants and selling three during his family feud, he has more restaurants today than ever before: 26 versus 20 in 2010. Those restaurants generate $150 million in revenue, a 270% increase from five years earlier."

14. Ramsay on his current happiness levels: "I don't have bad days. Those days are gone... do I look like a chef who's running around stressed as f—k?"