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World's Worst Restaurateur Follows Customer, Gropes Her in Parking Lot

He also exposed his genitals.

Mamma Lucia/Facebook

Here is how to not win restaurateur of the year: The co-owner of a Maryland restaurant chainlet is facing multiple charges after he allegedly followed a female customer and groped her in a parking lot. According to Bethesda Magazine, the customer told police that 49-year-old Dimitrio Fragoyannis "was staring at her" while she dined with friends at a location of his restaurant Mamma Lucia on June 12. She claims that when she left the restaurant, "she saw him staring at her through the window."

The story gets creepier: The customer says that as she drove away she noticed a that a large black SUV was following her. The driver of the SUV — who was later identified as Fragoyannis — kept honking at her, so she pulled over into a nearby parking lot thinking something was "wrong with her car." Fragoyannis then approached her, and when she opened the door to see what he wanted, the restaurant owner "put his hands inside of her shirt... and grabbed her breasts."

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The woman says she yelled for him to stop and asked "What are you doing?" to which Fragoyannis allegedly replied, "This is the only way to get you alone and express my feelings to you." (Accosting someone and groping them might be the worst way to express "feelings.") He then allegedly proceeded to unzip his pants and expose his genitals before adding, "I want to be with you and if you take care of me, I will take care of you." When the woman unsurprisingly said, "No, it is not happening," Fragoyannis stormed off declaring, "You are missing out."

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Bruno Fabi — Fragoyannis' business partner — tells ABC 7 that the accusations are "completely out of character." However, he has been charged with a fourth degree sex offense, indecent exposure, and second-degree assault. Fragoyannis joins a fine list of handsy criminals which includes 38-year-old Phillip Guerrero who decided last September to grope a female Taco Bell employee when picking up food at the drive-thru. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

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