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Get Your Bacon-Scented Scratch-Offs From the Indiana Lottery

Even if you don't win a big prize, you'll win a synthetic bacon smell.

Hoosier Lottery

For adults who look back fondly on scratch-and-sniff stickers, the Indiana state lottery has a big idea. Right now, players can purchase bacon-scented scratch-offs for the Hoosier Lottery, reports Consumerist, combining two of America's greatest passions: cured pork products and trying to get rich quick.

The $2 tickets reportedly made their debut on Tuesday, and among the possible prizes is a 20-year supply of — you guessed it — bacon. Mundane cash prizes of up to $10,000 are also in play. Anyone who isn't thrilled by the idea of never having to run out to grab bacon for the next two decades can exchange the supply for a lump sum of $5,000, according to the contest's rules.

The state of New Hampshire set the trend of porky lottery tickets, debuting its own scratch-and-sniff-offs in January. Those who don't win a huge haul of bacon, but do take home some boring ol' money, might want to spend it at one of America's many all-bacon restaurants.

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