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Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay Are the Most Popular Food Personalities on Twitter

Power-ranking food personalities based on follower count.

Robin Marchant/Steven Lawton/Getty Images

It's hard to believe, but prior to March 2006, Twitter did not exist. Since then, it's become vital to the news cycle and food world at large, with phrases such as "tweet before you eat" now heard from New York to Nevada. Photographic food porn aside, chefs, cookbook authors, and food television personalities have profited from Twitter's accessibility and wide adoption. Because it has always been more publicly accessible than Facebook, chefs and food folk are able to interact with followers on a personal level and provide everything from insights into their daily lives to regular question-and-answer sessions to commentary on their last meal.

As the site has evolved, Eater wondered about Twitter's current power players in the food space. Here they are, the 20 most popular* food personalities on Twitter.

  1. Martha Stewart, @MarthaStewart 3,065,376
  2. Gordon Ramsay, @GordonRamsay, 2,293,780
  3. Anthony Bourdain, @bourdain, 2,097,500
  4. Rachael Ray, @rachaelray, 1,526,382
  5. Guy Fieri, @GuyFieri, 1,462,980
  6. Paula Deen, @Paul_Deen, 1,352,387
  7. Bobby Flay, @bflay, 1,248,055
  8. Giada DiLaurentis, @GDeLaurentiis, 1,136,424
  9. Andrew Zimmern, @andrewzimmern, 784,796
  10. Mario Batali, @MarioBatali, 734,297
  11. Emeril Lagasse, @Emeril, 695,632
  12. Tyler Florence, @TylerFlorence, 629,802
  13. Tom Colicchio, @tomcolicchio, 512,393
  14. Rocco DiSpirito, @roccodispirito, 425,425
  15. Rick Bayless, @Rick_Bayless, 413,598
  16. MIchael Chiarello, @ChefChiarello, 341,419
  17. Chris Cosentino, @offalchris, 245,768
  18. Eric Ripert, @ericripert, 209,993
  19. Alex Guarnaschelli, @Guarnaschelli, 198,054
  20. Raymond Blanc, @Raymond_Blanc, 173,209

*Follower counts are as of 5/27; they all have since increased.