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The Bronut Is Totes the New Cronut, Bro

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The Cronut is so, like, last year.


Is this fine pastry specimen the new Cronut? The site Charlottesville 29 (via C. Simon Davidson) thinks so. Known in French as a brioche feuilletée (translation: flaky brioche), the breakfast pastry is made by layering brioche dough and butter until there are hundreds of thin layers. The resulting dough is then sugared and spiraled into its desired form — sometimes small buns, sometimes long loaves. At MarieBette in Charlottesville, Va. the dough is baked into individual buns.

Brioche feuilletée is a mainstay in bakeries throughout France and can sometimes be found in French bakeries in the U.S. But as Charlottesville 29 points out, the pastry has a marketing problem. We agree: Let's call it a bronut.

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