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Former NFL Player Rasheed Simmons Opens Southern Restaurant on the Jersey Shore

His mom is the chef.

Rasheed Simmons and the restaurant staff.
Rasheed Simmons and the restaurant staff.
Simply Southern/Facebook

Former NFL player Rasheed Simmons is the latest professional athlete to join the restaurant business. According to the Asbury Park Press, Simmons — who used to play for the Carolina Panthers — recently opened a restaurant on the Jersey Shore. Called Simply Southern Cuisine, the kitchen is headed up by Simmons' mother Rita.

Simmons tells the paper that while customers can expect plenty of fried food, "This is not KFC, this is not Popeyes." He adds that the restaurant does not "start cooking your food until you actually order your food." As its name states, the restaurant serves traditional Southern fare like oxtails and smothered chicken. There is also meatloaf, fried green tomatoes, peach cobbler, and hush puppies on the menu. As for drinks, a variety of sweet tea options are on offer.

While Simmons has opened an independent restaurant, many pro-athletes are investors in chains. Basketball superstar LeBron James is an investor in Blaze Pizza, which calls itself the "Chipotle of pizza." And Bronco's quarterback Peyton Manning owns 21 successful Papa John's Pizza franchises.