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Burger Chain Adds Cricket-Laced Milkshakes to Its Menu

There are beef jerky-flavored ones too.

Wayback Bugers/Facebook

Chains are getting bolder and bolder with their milkshake offerings these days by mixing in everything from bacon to red wineAccording to CNBC, Connecticut-based burger chain Wayback Burgers might be the boldest of them all with their newest protein-packed takes on a shake. The restaurant will debut milkshakes next month made with cricket flour — which has been called the food of the future — and another made with everyone's favorite dried meat snack, beef jerky.

The new cricket Oreo mud pie milkshake will be made with Peruvian chocolate-flavored cricket powder. The bug-infused shake initially started off as an April Fool's joke this year "to generate buzz." Due to a positive response, the chain tested the item at locations in Long Island, N.Y. before deciding to add it to its menu nationwide for a limited time. John Eucalitto — the president of the chain — notes, "We had it for two hours. There were people lined up to try it." The cricket shakes will be available this July through September. Curious customers who aren't into Oreos will also be able to add cricket powder to any shake during that time.

If crickets aren't a customer's animal protein of choice, Wayback's second non-vegetarian milkshake features jerky. It comes in three flavors — barbecue, maple syrup, or hickory spice — is garnished with a Slim Jim stick or two, and most likely comes with a side of regret.