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In-N-Out Is a Great Place to Work; Is the Country's Best Burger in Chicago?

A round-up of news and reviews, divided among winners and losers.

The burger at Au Cheval, Chicago.
The burger at Au Cheval, Chicago.
Brett Hickman/Eater Chicago


— Chicago-based Au Cheval's stately cheeseburger has been "the talk of the town" for over three years, according to Eater Chicago, and now (better late than never?) the Food Network is throwing its support at the midwestern bar and restaurant. This weekend, the network's show Top 5 Restaurants named Au Cheval's burger the best in the country. Winner: Chicago, meat eaters across the country.

— In other burger news, In-N-Out is one of the best employers in Southern California, according to a new Los Angeles-based news poll. Winner: In-N-Out employees.

— Apparently fewer people are ordering soda with their McDonald's Happy Meals, according to the fast food chain. This year, about 8 percent fewer customers ordered a soda as part of the kids' meal compared to last year. The other beverage options for Happy Meals include milk and Minute Maid juice (which is a blend of fruit juices and does not contain additional sugar). Winner: The health of American children.


— Chick-fil-A has been a contentious dining choice since 2012 when its COO Dan Cathy told the press that he opposed gay marriage. In a weird twist of logic, right-wing Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana decided to demonstrate his support of the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay marriage by eating at the chicken chain, according to Salon. Twitter users didn't care for Vitter's public display of poultry affection.

Loser: David Vitter, opponents of gay marriage.

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