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Burger King Manager Shoots Former Employee in Foot

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The ex-employee was confronting the manager regarding "payment issues."

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A former Burger King employee was shot in the foot Friday morning by the restaurant's manager, reports KMOV-TV. Sources say the man had been fired Thursday, but returned to the restaurant to confront the manager about "payment issues," says KTVI-TV. A brawl ensued when the ex-employee came behind the front counter.

Employees say they separated the men, but then manager headed into the parking lot to get his gun. The former employee followed and the pair once again began fighting. As employee ran towards a neighboring gas station parking lot, witnesses say the manager fired five shots, one that hit the ex-employee in the foot, according to CBS St. Louis. As of Friday, the man is in stable condition at a local hospital. The investigation remains ongoing. Police will file charges against both men.

Restaurant managers beware. Some ex-employees are known to bite back when they're fired — or even think they're fired. On June 5, a Traverse City KFC employee who believed he'd been let go, decided to burn it all to the ground by setting fire to several trees behind the restaurant.

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