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Airline Passenger's Incessant Demand for Snacks Spurs Emergency Landing

Chill out, bro.

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Transatlantic flights are enough to make anyone hangry, but one United Airlines passenger recently took it to the extreme: The Telegraph reports that during a flight from Rome to Chicago, California resident Jeremiah Mathis Thede's incessant demands for more snacks caused the pilot to make an emergency landing in Belfast.

Thede repeatedly asked flight attendants for more snacks — which, according to Mashable, were either nuts or crackers. He refused to stay in his seat, "repeatedly opened the overhead baggage lockers, blocked the aisles and made numerous trips to the lavatories." Although Thede apparently never became violent, the captain elected to turn the flight around and land in Belfast instead of continuing on to Chicago.

According to The Telegraph, "Once on the ground, the 282 passengers had to wait almost 24 hours to take off again because getting under way immediately would have broken the crew’s legal flying hours limit. Almost all the passengers had to sleep on the terminal floor." The plane had to dump 50,000 liters (more than 13,000 gallons) of fuel in order to land safely, and it's estimated that the incident cost United upwards of $500,000.

Last year a former Korean Air exec flipped out on a flight attendant who served her macadamia nuts; the plane had to return to the gate and the offending woman was sentenced to ten months in prison.