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Profoundly Hideous Blobfish Is Latest Animal to Score Its Own Cafe

"So ugly, it's cute" doesn't necessarily apply here.

Blobfish Cafe

Cat cafes are great and all, but wouldn't you rather spend your precious time and money sidling up to a more rare creature — like, say, the ugliest animal in the entire world? Coming to London is the Blobfish Cafe, "the world's first pop-up aquarium" that will open Summer 2016 to showcase this stunningly ugly sea creature.

The poor blobfish toiled in relative obscurity until 2013, when it beat out other animal kingdom unfortunates like the probiscis monkey to earn the title of world's ugliest animal. According to Metro, "The purpose of the Blobfish Cafe will be to educate people about the much-maligned fish," which is an endangered species. The cafe's mysterious backer has been working with "top marine biologists" for the last year and a half to figure out how to safely transport the deep sea creatures.

Unlike other animal cafes which are typically limited to serving just beverages or light snacks, the Blobfish Cafe will be offering both "light lunches and more substantial evening meals," including "a full eight course deep sea themed tasting menu." There may even be a bar specializing in White Russians.

Blobfish Cafe's website says the three blobfish that will call the place home are named Barry, Lorcan, and Lady Swift (the latter named for pop star Taylor, perhaps?). An entity posing as Lorcan handles the upcoming cafe's Twitter account, frequently posting about Tom Cruise and BMWs. See? Blobfish have feelings too.

London has a history of hosting some truly bizarre pop-ups, including a Breaking Bad-themed RV bar, a holistic dog restaurant, an Ikea breakfast-in-bed cafe, a piglet cafe, a canned seafood restaurant, and the enviable owl bar.

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