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Sonic Unleashes Hot Dogs With Croissant Buns

There are two versions available.

Shutterstock/Khushbu Shah

It appears as if restaurants are determined to croissant-ify everything. Items like hamburger buns and doughnuts have already been fused with croissants, and next in line are hot dog buns. According to FoodBeast, the drive-in ninjas over at Sonic are currently testing what the chain has dubbed Croissant Dogs.

There are two versions available: An Original Croissant Dog which features a hot dog topped simply with mustard, and the Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog which comes slathered with a cheese sauce, bacon, and spicy mustard. Both are, of course, served on the chain's new buttery croissant hot dog bun. There is no word on where exactly the item is being tested or when the Croissant Dogs might hit locations nationwide. Eater has reached out to Sonic for more details.

Let's just hope the chain doesn't store these buns in the bathroom.