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London May Soon Offer the Dream of Grilled Cheese Sandwich Subscriptions

Some assembly required.

Cheese Posties/Kickstarter

A good grilled cheese sandwich is tough to beat, and soon hungry Londoners might be able to have the necessary ingredients delivered straight to their mailboxes. A Kickstarter campaign for something called Cheese Posties is attempting to launch what it's calling the world's first grilled cheese subscription service, reports Mashable.

The team behind Cheese Posties says it has come up with a plethora of grilled cheese recipes, and it wants to deliver the various components to subscribers through the mail. The Kickstarter video explains the concept.

The subscription comes with a weekly delivery at 3.99 pounds ($6.28) per sandwich. In addition to the ingredients, each package includes a teflon bag that can be used to heat up the sandwich once its assembled. Cheese Posties co-founder Dave Rotheroe told Mashable the idea was born out of efficiency.

"We were talking about office lunch breaks and the monotony of spending 30 of your 60 minutes stood in a queue waiting to overpay for the same old bland sandwich," Rotheroe said. "In a kind of eureka moment, it occurred to us that all the ingredients of a grilled cheese would fit pretty tidily through a letterbox alongside a teflon toasty bag."

There are plenty of options for food delivery across the globe — ride share company Uber even has its own operation — but this grilled cheese subscription service really might be the first of its kind.