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Restaurant Employee Filmed Female Diners Using the Bathroom With Hidden Cell Phone

He was arrested.


A restaurant employee was recently busted for trying to film female patrons while they used the bathroom. According to the Long Island Press, a young woman dining at Long Island restaurant Jack Shack's noticed a man leaving the women's bathroom before she entered. While on the toilet, she discovered a mobile device taped under the sink pointing directly at her.

After quickly calling Nassau Police, 43 year-old Jack's Shack employee Edward Ramirez was arrested and charged with second degree unlawful surveillance. This is the second time Ramirez has been arrested for inappropriate behavior: Last December, he was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, after allegedly exposing himself to two young girls at a local Stop & Shop, notes CBS New York.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time cameras have been found hidden inside restaurant bathrooms. A 64 year-old Texas man was busted last year for hiding recording devices in several Dallas restaurants, while Starbucks' bathrooms in FloridaSouthern California, and another in Washington were the site of several hidden cameras incidents in 2011. Perhaps the creepiest of them all is a nightclub in Scotland that created a two-way mirror into the women's bathroom and allowed patrons to pay to watch female customers use the restroom.

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