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Disney World's Animal Kingdom Wants You to Eat Poop for Dessert

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Thankfully, it's made of chocolate.

Walt Disney World News

Disney World doesn't exactly have a reputation for serving haute cuisine, but the park's newest offering quite literally looks like crap: The Orlando Sentinel notes that a new store at Disney's Animal Kingdom "is serving up desserts that look like varieties of animal droppings." The manure-themed confections are sold at Zuri's Sweets Shop, which opened last week in the park's Africa section.

According to brave reporter Dewayne Bevil, the chocolate poop — which looks vaguely like truffles or cake balls — comes in several different varieties including elephant ("dominated by oats and peanut butter") and giraffe ("fudgy, like a brownie). While the display case doesn't actually identify the treats as poop, the itemized receipt reportedly prints out terms such as "Poo, Giraffe."

If pseudo-poop for dessert doesn't satiate the appetite you've worked up after a long day at Disney World, there's also a new Star Wars restaurant serving "Light Saber Bites" (er, mini corn dogs) and cake in the shape of Yoda's face.

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