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Taco Bell's Massive India Expansion; McDonald's Now Selling Lobster Rolls

Plus, demands for Subway to stop using antibiotic-laced meat.

Taco Bell India/Facebook

— Taco Bell has its (nacho cheese-laced) sights set on a massive Indian expansion. The chain will reportedly receive $100 million dollars from a "consortium of private equity firms" to franchise 250 to 300 locations in Western and Southern India. Taco Bell currently has six locations in the country which serve items like potato and paneer burritos. It's a good start to the Cap'n Crunch doughnut-slinging chain's plans to open 1,300 international locations by the end of 2023.

— As restaurants like McDonald's and Chick-fil-A have pledged to source meat raised without human antibiotics, a coalition of 50 advocacy groups are calling for the sandwich artists at Subway to do the same. The coalition says that antibiotics "should only be used to treat sick animals and, on rare occasions, for non-routine disease control, but never for growth promotion." While the chain still uses antibiotic-treated meat, it recently announced that it will stop using artificial ingredients in its food. Maybe it's worth going vegetarian for a while?

— While McDonald's is trying to stuff  not-so-artisan "artisan" chicken sandwiches down the throats of America, McDonald's locations in Canada are busy dishing up lobster rolls. Called the McLobster, it features a filling of shredded lettuce, diced celery, lemon flavoring, lobster meat, and plenty of mayo. The verdict so far? The bread is "subpar." It's part of McDonald's Canada's "Great Canadian Taste Adventure" menu which also features bacon topped poutine.