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Serial Dine-and-Dashers Apprehended Thanks to Social Media

The two brothers hit at least six restaurants.


A spree of dine-and-dashes perpetrated by two Cleveland brothers was put to an end thanks to the power of social media. Cleveland's WKYC says Matt and Scott Gareau hit at least half a dozen restaurants in just three days, racking up hundreds of dollars in tabs and then splitting without ponying up any cash.

The chef/owner of one of the restaurants took to Facebook to warn other restaurateurs of the duo's "brazen gastronomic crime spree." Johnny's general manager David Flowers saw the post during Friday's lunch shift and claims he then saw Matt Gareau walk in "about 10 minutes later." According to a report from ABC 5, Gareau "had been drinking champagne and ordered the most expensive entree on the menu." He then tried to make a break for it, but the manager caught him at the door; Gareau told him he'd go get money and return to pay, but Flowers wasn't buying it. He says Gareau then tried to throw a punch at him, at which point Flowers got him down on the ground and restrained him with his foot — resulting in this triumphant photo posted to Facebook:

One down one to go. Caught fleeing Johnny's.

Posted by Steve Schimoler on Friday, June 19, 2015

Watch the news report from WKYC, below:

Customers bolting restaurants without paying their tabs isn't a problem limited to Cleveland. Last month, a group of 10 took a five-finger discount at a Des Moines, Iowa, burger restaurant.

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