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Beer-Loving Dudes Can Now Literally Bathe in the Stuff

Carlsberg is making beer shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


Beer: it's not just for getting drunk anymore. Danish brewing company Carlsberg just launched a line of men's grooming products that contain its beer, reports Mashable.

The "Beer Beauty" line, which was created in conjunction with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden, includes shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. According to a press release, Carlsberg's brewmaster says "the beer is freeze-dried into a powder, and then mixed with organic ingredients" to create the products, each of which contain the equivalent of half a liter of beer. Carlsberg claims that beer's main ingredients — barley, hops, and yeast — "have beautifying properties for both hair and skin" in the form of vitamin B and silicium.

Brands apparently love the idea of packaging their signature aromas: Perhaps the beer body lotion would go nicely with Pizza Hut's infamous pizza cologne. (Which also happens to pair well with the pizza chain's recently launched nail polish, with shades like Poppin Pepperoni.) Or for something a bit more atmospheric, there's also KFC's fried chicken scented candles.

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