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Taco Bell Drive-Thru Employee Thwarts Thief By Punching Him In the Face

Lazy criminals strike again.

Rob Wilson/Shutterstock

It's hard to beat the convenience of the drive-thru, but when attempting a robbery, perhaps it's better to use the front door. According to Fox 23, two masked men pulled up to a Taco Bell drive-thru window in Tulsa, Oklahoma late Monday night and demanded money. The employee manning the window thought they were joking — until one of them tried to climb through the window. The quick-reflexed employee punched the thief and pushed him out, removing his mask in the process.

Fox 23 notes the employee "then hid with a coworker and called police." The men haven't been apprehended yet, but police say they have them on surveillance and "believe they will not have trouble identifying the driver."

Word of advice for any other wannabe drive-thru bandits: Police say "drive-thru robberies are difficult to pull off." And don't be surprised when restaurant employees fight back — in 2013 a Dunkin Donuts worker thwarted a thief who tried to climb in the drive-thru window by dousing him in hot coffee.

Watch the local news report, below:

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