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Dinner at Burger King Is Now More Expensive Than Meth in Asia

Meth has become increasingly cheap over the years.


Fast food has a reputation for being cheap, while drugs are typically known for being expensive. However, that is not the case in Asia. Meth — the most popular drug in Asia — is now more affordable than a meal at Burger King, according to CNBC. More and more "underground chemists" are cooking up the drug, making it cheaper and cheaper.

A Whopper value meal at Burger Kings across Asia typically sells for around $5. However, in many countries, the price of a meth pill is much less than that. In Vietnam where meth pills are typically $2.50 per pop, it's possible to get two for the price a Burger King dinner. In Myanmar and Laos, the meth pills go for around $2, which is essentially the price of a burger. The low prices mean users have enough money to buy the drugs and food, but CNBC writes that meth is an appetite killer.

While meth is cheaper than a Burger King meal in Asia, in America, one enterprising employee of the chain turned to meth to make some extra money by selling the drug while working the drive-thru window. In April, 20-year-old Courtney Morgalo was arrested for offering customers sides that went beyond onion rings and french fries.

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