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Bobby Flay Thanks America, His Daughter for His New Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Flay wants everyone to know that he did not get the star because of his cameos on Entourage.

Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images

Today is Bobby Flay Day in Hollywood, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Just this afternoon the City of Hollywood awarded Food Network mainstay, cookbook author, and chef Bobby Flay a star on the international tourist trap known as the Walk of Fame. There were several touching remarks from friends and colleagues and family before Flay himself took the stage.

President of Food Network & Cooking Channel Brooke Johnson said a few words at the unveiling ceremony — which could have been confused for a Food Network-sponsored event — that alluded to Flay's 20-year tenure on the network.

Then, fellow Iron Chef and co-host of ABC's The Chew Michael Symon took the stage to exude bromance, "You made it cool for guys to cook. It's always been cool in the chef business but you made it cool for people at home too." Symon ended with a comment about Flay's loyalty: "You're a cat guy, but I always say you're as loyal as a dog."

Echoing earlier comments about loyalty Sophie Flay, Bobby's daughter, stood at the podium and with the cadence of her father, thanked him for his advice and support over the years. She ended with a touching — if hard for every other teenager in America to believe — note about her father: "I'm proud to call him my best friend."

Finally, Flay took the stage. Right off the bat he wanted to clear the air: "I want to say because I think there was a little confusion, I am not getting this star for my cameos in Entourage." Gosh, I guess we were mistaken.

Flay went on to thank chef Emeril Lagasse: "For over a decade it was Emeril's network." He ended his lengthy speech of thanks with with a touching tribute to his daughter. He donated the star to her, and said, with nary a glimmer of sarcasm, "Hard work is the true recipe for success."

Who will be the first chef to line up to step on Flay's star? We're looking at you Gordon Ramsay.

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