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Farmer Breeds Pigs to Have Extra Ribs, More Meat

The pigs are resistant to E.coli too.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Like something straight out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, an Australian farmer is breeding pigs to have more ribs. According to ABC Rural, farmer Jeff Braun has been "examining and redesigning pigs for nearly three decades." He breeds his pigs so that they have a higher number of ribs, which increases the amount of meat each animal yields. While most pigs typically have 13 ribs, Braun's pigs have 16 to 17.

They also produce more milk and are bred to resist disease. Currently Braun's pigs at Myora Farm are resistant to E.coli and soon they will be free of all respiratory diseases and no longer need vaccinations. Currently Myora Farms produces 30,000 pigs per year, but it is in the midst of an expansion that will double that number. That means that in the near future, it's likely that your pork belly sandwich may come from one of Braun's super pigs.

KFC recently filed a lawsuit in China against three companies who spread rumors that the chain's chickens each had eight feet and six wings. While KFC says this is false, Braun's work shows that mutant, extra-meat producing chickens might be a reality in the future.

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