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Woman Arrested for Attacking Taco Bell Employees, Customers Over Incorrect Order

Chairs and tire irons were involved.

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

People getting frustrated over an incorrect fast food order is understandable; turning to violence over the mistake is not. According to the Pioneer Press, 24-year-old Laresha Marie Uting went through the drive-thru of a Taco Bell in Minnesota late last week with a male friend identified as "Guns," and a female companion known as BJ. The threesome then walked into the restaurant around 9 p.m., "upset about their food" and incorrect order. Witnesses say the trio was "belligerent and swore at staff."

A 15-year-old regular of the restaurant stepped in and tried to "talk to the group about their mistreatment of the staff," and he ended up arguing with the friends. The trio then left the restaurant only to return moments later with a tire-iron lug wrench. One of the females picked up a chair and "threw it at employees behind the counter," and the male hit the 15-year-old over the head with the weapon.The group then walked out to the parking lot where they attacked a 34-year-old customer before driving off in a white Cadillac.

Uting — who owned the car — admitted to police that she gave the tired iron to the male to use on the teen. She has been charged with a felony count of "second-degree riot with a a dangerous weapon." Her two companions have not been arrested yet.

Receiving an incorrect order at a fast food restaurant appears to be a trigger point for a number of people. In 2012, a man rammed his car into an Ohio Taco Bell after a taco was missing from his order. At a McDonald's in Georgia, a customer was so upset that he was accidentally overcharged for his meal in March that he choked and punched the cashier.