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Marijuana-Roasted Coffee Is Now Legally Available for Purchase

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It smells like weed but it won't get you high.

Compelling & Rich/Facebook

A Los Angeles-based coffee company has figured out a way to sell marijuana-infused coffee all around the world regardless of state or country laws.. According to Fast Company, Kian Abedini's Compelling & Rich is now selling "herb conditioned" (in which the herb is marijuana) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans. While the beans smell exactly like the green stuff, they won't actually get anyone high because they don't contain any THC.

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Abedini tells LA Weekly that he makes the coffee by "essentially hot-boxing the roast room," when he infuses the green coffee beans with marijuana. However, the product isn't, er, medicated because the THC is burned off in the roasting process. Instead it just tastes and smells like cannabis. It was a lawyer who advised Abedini to label the bags at "herb-conditioned" coffee, instead of writing marijuana on the bags. While it might not get people high, the product — which can be purchased online — is in high demand. Abedini says his company's server has crashed in the past from excited customers.

Those who want to actually wake and bake with a morning cup of coffee will have to head to Washington. A company called Fairwinds Manufacturing has created a marijuana-infused coffee — sold as grounds or in a k-cup format — that are now available in stores across the state.

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