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On the Bright Side, California's Drought Is Producing Some Great Wine

For the "glass is half full" folks out there.

Jeff Schear/Getty Images

The state of California is in the midst of its worst drought ever, causing restaurants to cease free water service and hitting breweries hard. But, it's not all bad. The Golden State's oenophiles are enjoying some of the best wines Napa Valley has ever produced, reports CBS San Francisco.

The reason for the extra-delectable varietals is that the dry conditions force the grape vines' roots to dig deeper into the soil in search of water. This results in a smaller grape with concentrated flavor. One vineyard owner told the Bay Area CBS affiliate that the drought really does make a difference in flavor.

"Can you really taste the difference between a wet year and a dry year?" Michael Honig of Honig Vineyard said. "Yes you can. Because in a wet year the fruit does not get as ripe."

Of course, the water scarcity also results in fewer grapes and therefore fewer bottles produced. So those extra-tasty drought-year wines are also extra expensive.

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