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Sorry, 'Arrested Development' Fans, Jeffrey Tambor Hates Frozen Bananas

So please stop sending them to him.

Television fans need to cool it: Breaking Bad fans can't stop throwing pizzas on the roof of character Walter White's house, and it turns out avid Arrested Development fans are going, well, bananas with bananas. Actor Jeffrey Tambor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night and asked fans to curb their enthusiasm just a little bit. Tambor explains that every time he stays in a hotel, a chef tries to be cheeky by sending him a plate for frozen bananas — the speciality of the show's Bluth's Original Famous Frozen Banana Stand.

While the thought is nice (or played out, depending on how you look at it), there is one big problem with the move: Tambor actually "hates frozen bananas." He is then forced to find ways to throw away the fruit that doesn't hurt the chef's feelings. So what has his experience getting rid of frozen bananas taught him? "You can't put them in the toilet even though they are ergonomically correct."