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Man Stops at Restaurant to Eat Biscuits Right After Robbing a Bank

He was arrested at the restaurant.


Biscuits are worth stopping for at pretty much any point in the day, except for when you've just robbed a bank. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 32-year-old Shane Lindsey was sentenced to two to four years of prison time for robbing a bank in Western Pennsylvania in January. Court records reveal that Lindsey grabbed a bag of money from the bank and ran, not out of town and not out of state as one might think to do after committing a crime, but to a nearby restaurant.

Lindsey went into the bathroom, took off the clothes he wore during the robbery, and then leisurely sat down in the dining room of Easzer's restaurant. Fox News writes that police managed to track him down just 20 minutes after the theft occurred and found him eating biscuits in one of the restaurant's booths. (After all, he did have all this new money to treat himself to a meal.) Lindsey was promptly arrested.

Lindsey isn't the first criminal to get caught because they insisted on stopping to get a snack. In May, a brazen man robbed a Subway in Chicago. He stole the cash from the register, left the store, and then walked across the street to competing chain Potbelly to grab a meal.