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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Donkey Sauce — a pale orange and unfortunately-named condiment — may be kulinary kreature/race car driver Guy Fieri's greatest contribution to humanity. (Although, these trashcan nachos are a close second). So just how did the amphitheater restaurateur come up with the name of his signature sauce?

Did a sad donkey bring it to him in a dream? Or maybe the revelation came moments after he put the finishing touches on his very first Tatted Up Turkey Burger? Perhaps he had a "eureka!" moment when adjusting his sunglasses on the back of his neck? Nope. It all went down while Fieri was working on a cruise ship.

Fieri reveals in an interview with Las Vegas Magazine that the name Donkey Sauce was invented when he was working in the kitchens of a Carnival Cruise ship. He says he explained to one of the chefs that "you have to put sauce on the burgers or you're a jackass." The other chef — "who has this really thick accent" — asked Fieri, "Jackass? What is a jackass?" After Fieri explained it was a donkey, the other chef noted, "Oh, so it's donkey sauce." Boom. That's when history happened and the world was changed forever.

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