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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jason Schwartzman Laugh Hysterically With Elmo the Chef

Elmo puts on chefs whites for a segment about his new cookbook.

Sesame Street's most affable character, Elmo, has a new cookbook out — Let's Cook! — and the tomato-red muppet stopped by The Tonight Show last night to promote it. Jason Schwartzman and Questlove joined Fallon in the kitchen with Elmo. At first, Elmo is somewhat stunned at the sight of Schwartzman, and stumbles through a recipe for waffle grilled cheese sandwiches, even exclaiming with a shake of his head, "Elmo's a horrible chef." Fallon smooths everything out, and then Elmo puts on his best TV face to make Sloppy Oscars, a version of the Sloppy Joe. When Fallon asks Elmo why he calls them Sloppy Oscars, Elmo responds with a toddler's shrug, "Idunno?"

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