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Chef Heston Blumenthal Is Overhauling The Fat Duck's Menu

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The Bray, England restaurant will serve many new items in the fall.

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

UK chef Heston Blumenthal is launching a revamped menu at his Bray, England restaurant The Fat Duck this fall. In February, Blumenthal relocated the lauded restaurant to Melbourne, Australia for a six month pop-up which ends in August. According to the Australian Associated Press, he plans to change the menu at the restaurant when he returns to England.

So what can diners expect from the updated menu? Blumenthal is coy about specifics but he notes that some of The Fat Duck's "best loved dishes" will be made-over and "joined by entirely new creations." Dishes that are about "shared experiences [and] nostalgia" will make the cut. Perhaps some of the quirky plates from the Australian pop-up — like nitro-poached apertifs and savory lollies — will find their way onto the new menu. Seeing as the price of the Melbourne pop-up is pricier than the regular tasting menu price — $475 USD compared to $350 USD — the revamped menu may end up costing more as well.

Blumenthal still has two months to figure out the new dishes; the Melbourne pop-up closes August 15. After that the space within the Crown Melbourne hotel will transform into a permanent restaurant — an outpost of Blumenthal's London restaurant, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.