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According to Co.Exist, a San Francisco-based startup named Pembient is creating synthetic rhino horns that will be used in rhino horn beer. The company uses chemical reactions and synthetic rhino horn DNA to create a replica that is genetically identical to the real deal. Pembient's ultimate goal is to eliminate the rhino trade by selling products containing the faux horns for a lower price than local poachers.

One of Pembient's first initiatives was to partner with one of the largest breweries in Beijing to create the new beer. Known as a hangover cure, real rhino horn is already used in homemade spirits. By promoting this product, along with skin care and other items using its synthetic rhino horn, the company hopes to revolutionize the market and help restore the endangered rhino population.

The new rhino beer isn't the first brew aiming to make the world a better place. Brazilian ale Cerveja Feminista is trying to combat the stereotypes that come with typical beer ads, which can be some of the most sexist examples of marketing in the world today.

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