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Keurig and its K-cups have grown increasingly unpopular over the years but that isn't stopping people from coming up with more pod-based drink machines. Not only is there a Keurig for beer, according to TechCrunch, there is now one for cocktails. A company has developed a device called Bartesian that makes boozy drinks from K-Cup-like capsules. The machine can currently only make six cocktails: Margaritas, sex on the beach, cosmopolitans, grapefruit and cucumber martinis, a gin drink with peach and lemon juice, and the Bartesian Breeze which features rum, coconut water, and strawberry juice.

The appliance's Kickstarter page notes the pods are filled with juices, bitters, and mixes. Users must fill Bartesian's glass bottles (located on the side of the device) with various liquors to create the drinks associated with the pods. Additionally, users are able to select how strong they want a drink to be (non-alcoholic versions are an option). Early bird donators can snag a unit for $249. That comes with 12 drink pods, and an additional dozen capsules can be purchased for $20.

While the machine can only make a limited number of drinks right now, the team says they are working on adding more. They hope that in the future users will be able to make everything from a mudslide to a mai tai to a grasshopper. Bartesian is hoping to raise $100,000. So far, the team has $35,000 in contributions with 27 days left to go on the campaign. Check out a video about the Bartesian below:

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