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Cheeky Artist Turns Hipster Foods Into Adorable Plush Toys

Stuffed versions of green juice, Mast Brothers chocolate, and more.

"Pickled Probiotics"
"Pickled Probiotics"
All photos courtesy of Mimi O Chun

Does food ever look too good to eat? That works out perfectly in the case of artist Mimi O Chun's work. Chun has created a series called Stuffed Hipster Emblems that features very realistic plush fabric versions of items popular amongst the hipster set. This includes a coffee cup featuring latte art titled "Baristas With Skills," a piece of "$4 Toast" on a plate, and even jars of pickled probiotics. The series also features items inspired by brands: There are multiple sets of Mast Brothers chocolate bars and bottles of BluePrint Juices. And for the molecular gastronomy enthusiasts: There is a plate inspired by Chicago restaurant Alinea and plenty of foods in sous vide bags. Check out Bon Appétit's interview with the artist and some images from the series below:

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