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Man Thrown Through Window in Subway Restaurant Brawl



A brawl at a Maryland-area Subway location ended with one suspect shoving the other completely through the shop's front glass window. The NY Daily News reports the two men got into a heated argument a Baltimore County Subway counter around 2a.m. Saturday — video shot on the scene shows the suspects yelling, shoving, and grabbing at each other as other restaurant patrons alternately cheer them on or film the unfolding scene.

Eventually, the 26-year-old suspect shoves the other man through the glass window, shattering it as he dangles awkwardly half-inside, half-outside the restaurant. (It appears a police officer is helpfully standing right outside.) The suspect, Jonathan Tyler Pugh, has been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and destruction of property. Of course, late-night restaurant brawls have provided YouTube with seemingly endless fodder these days — in 2013, a massive fight broke out at a New Jersey diner, leading to at least one arrest and brief viral game for its participants. Watch the Subway fight video below:

Video: Wild Subway Fight in Towson, MD