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Watch Jon Stewart Compare Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Pizza to a Circle Jerk

“What kind of idiot would willingly put this in their mouth?”

Jon Stewart — host of the Daily Show and noted Arby's enthusiasthad much to say about two things last night: Donald Trump and Pizza Hut's new Hot Dog Bites Pizza. Trump announced his run for president yesterday, and to celebrate Stewart could only think of one food that matched "the depravity and excess of the Donald Trump candidacy," — Pizza Hut's stunt-y pie.

Stewart sarcastically notes that he understands the appeal of the pizza: "Who amongst us hasn’t finished an entire Pizza Hut pizza and thought to themselves, "Do you know what I could go for right now? 28 fucking mini hot dogs." But what bothers him the most about the pizza is its R-rated appearance: "It looks like a group of uncircumcised Italian men jerking off on to a… pizza." Good luck trying never see the Hot Dog Bites pizza like that again.

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