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The new taco emoji.
The new taco emoji.
Images via Emojipedia

At long last, the taco emoji is a reality. Emojipedia on Tuesday announced 37 new emojis to be included in Unicode 8.0, headlined by a little corn tortilla with fillings. The new emojis will be officially released on Wednesday.

Joining the taco in the latest update of Unicode are burrito, cheese wedge, hot dog, popcorn, and "bottle with a popping cork" emojis. All in all, it's a great victory for the food-savvy texter who hates being forced to use pesky words.

New Food emojis (use)

The Unicode update doesn't guarantee the new emojis will be adopted across mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, but as Quartz notes, it's likely that at least some of the emojis will show up on those platforms.

In January, Taco Bell started a petition in an effort to bring the taco emoji to life, collecting more than 25,000 signatures. If the emoji is in fact adopted by iOS, it could spell doom for the platform's taco texting app, which launched last September.

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