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Smash Mouth's Frontman Freaks Out at Colorado Food Festival

Steve Harwell has such a hot temper, he might as well be walking on the sun.

Smash Mouth is one of those bands that made it big in the 1990s and hasn't really stood the test of time. In 2015, any gig for the band is based purely on nostalgia, and the group was fortunate enough to book a timeslot during the Taste of Fort Collins in Colorado over the weekend.

Unfortunately, some folks in the crowd took to the fairly benign gesture of throwing sandwich bread on stage, and lead singer Steve Harwell lost his mind while the rest of his band played the opening bars to 1999 hit single "All-Star." After making threats and finally calming down, Harwell began singing the tune's lyrics, which serendipitously begin with "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me; I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed."

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