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Florida Man Attempts to Rob a Subway Using Only His Fingers

File this one under world's laziest criminals.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

Even criminals are getting in on the whole artisanal movement: A man in Daytona Beach, Florida attempted to rob a Subway entirely by hand this week. According to the Orlando Weekly, Troy Cowart strolled into the restaurant and "demanded money after putting his hand under his shirt and pointing his fingers, implying he had a real gun."

The sandwich artist on duty wasn't buying it, however:

Employee Kayla Lesavage then told Cowart she knew it was his hand and not a weapon. Cowart replied that he had a knife, which was probably just a different finger configuration, but left the store after a manager threatened to call the police. The 45-year-old then crossed the street and attempted to use his "finger gun" to rob the Krystal restaurant, according to police.

The report doesn't mention whether or not Cowart at any time said the words "pow pow," but nonetheless he's currently in jail on charges of attempted robbery and violating his probation, which was for — wait for it — attempted robbery.

As the world's largest restaurant chain, Subway attracts its fair share of idiot thieves: Last month in Chicago, a man robbed a Subway and then went across the street to eat a leisurely lunch at competing sandwich chain Potbelly, where he was swiftly apprehended.