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New Hampshire Lawmakers Override Governor in Quest for Babies on Beer Labels

Your tax dollars at work, America.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

The American government is founded on a principle of checks and balances, ensuring that no one branch can enact tyranny on the populace. The value of such a system demonstrated itself in the state of New Hampshire this week, as the State House of Representatives boldly circumvented the governor on one very important issue: Allowing images of babies to appear on beer labels.

The situation first made headlines earlier this month, when Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed a bill that would've permitted "images of minors to grace alcoholic beverage labels as long as they didn't encourage young people to drink." Said bill was introduced by State Rep. Keith Murphy, a bar owner who's got a thirst for a particular beer — Founders Brewery's Breakfast Stout — which features a label with a chubby baby eating oatmeal.

According to the Associated Press, the House has obtained the two-thirds vote necessary to override the governor's veto. The fate of the oatmeal-eating babe now lies in the hands of the Senate. Governor Hassan feels "changing the law will undermine New Hampshire's efforts to fight underage drinking," says the AP.

Of course, having a baby on a beer label isn't exactly akin to erecting Joe Camel billboards outside an elementary school. "No reasonable person would believe that this label is intended to appeal to minors in any way," Consumerist quotes Rep. Murphy as saying.