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New Soda Labeling Law Will Apply to Starbucks Frappuccinos in San Francisco

Starbucks is not happy.


Are Frappuccinos — Starbucks' famous blended coffee concoctions — as unhealthy as soda? According to Bloomberg, San Francisco lawmakers certainly think so. Earlier this week the city ruled that all soda advertisements may be required to feature a label warning people about the health dangers of sugary drinks. When advertising in the city, the makers of sugary drinks — including Starbucks — will have to include the phrase "WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay."

Bloomberg writes that Starbucks is upset over the move. The company feels as if it is being "unfairly targeted" while sugary, high-calorie foods like doughnuts are getting a pass. A spokesperson for the chain says that the company is looking over the new ordinance "to evaluate the impact." It could potentially force Starbucks to change signs and promotions at its 93 Starbucks stores in SF, and many more stores across the country if other cities adopt similar laws. The ordinance — which will be voted on June 16 — does exempt "some coffee drinks," just not those made in a blender.

Starbucks recently introduced six new Frappuccino flavors. However, as Vocativ points out, they are all loaded with sugar. A venti (24 ounce) red velvet Frappuccino has 87 grams of sugar while a venti cinnamon roll Frappuccino has 102 grams. By comparison, 24 ounces of Coca-Cola has 78 grams of sugar.

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